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About Us

Stock market can change the way you look at money.Invest with IB for a constructive panorama

Investment Bulls is SEBI Registered Investment Advisory running under the supervision of compliance officer cum proprietorship of Ms Ayushi Chauksey, maintain a website in the name and style of Investmentbulls.com hereby declared that the we have only one website i.e. investmentbulls.com, and does not have any associate firm or Company or website, If any service Subscribed other than service mentioned in the website OR any amount paid in the bank account other than the bank account mentioned in the website shall not make Investment bulls liable in any senses.

About Us

We at Investment Bulls started our journey in the capital market in early 2008 with a solitary goal to become the most staunch and authentic wealth advisor of India by educating investors about the entirety and potential of the Capital market. After the success of our registered branch in Mumbai, we have expansion plans to extend our offices in Hyderabad and Australia only to let more audience get access to authentic stock market advice. Today, we are trusted by more than 10,056 experienced as well as unfledged equity investors. We are regulated by the SEBI, CRISIL, and ISO and backed by a passionate team of industry professionals having pronounced experience in financial markets, equity research, and technology. Guided by our principles, we all work together bearing discipline, analysis, and strategy in mind.


To inspire and nurture the spirit of stock exchange in every Indian through step by step education of wealth generation and sustainable economic growth.


To change the perspective of current and potential investors towards the market and make them look at it as more of a scientific horizon than luck-based gambling.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Investment Bulls, we are striving to restore the true meaning of the old word – responsibility. It is the answerable side of any right. While we abide by our vision to make the world of stocks and beyond a better place, we take charge of all our responsibilities as a successful and dynamic organization. Besides, our word to serve a purpose to humanity is built on a strong foundation of transparency, efficiency, and ethics.

We focus on the following areas as apart of our Corporate Social Responsibility -

Employment generation

Greener Earth and water conservation policies

Regulatory energy saving

Spread of awareness about various social issues

Help of the unprivileged

Paperless workspace


Our Board of directors fulfills its duties to oversee the interests in the long-term health and the overall success of the Company's business and its financial strength. It serves as the ultimate decision-making body of the Company, it selects and oversees the members of senior management and charges them with conducting the business of the Company.

Directing the departments of Finance, Tax, Accounting, Investor Relations, Legal, Human Resources, IT, and Facilities in our firm. She develops financial growth strategies, drives enterprise expansion, takes care of infrastructure expenditure and taxes for the company, and inspires us all, day in and day out. She draws her abilities and knowledge from her authentic educational and professional background. She’s done BMS and Specializations in Human Resource Management from Mumbai, India – after which she tried her hands on (and excelled in) the fields of marketing and product management as a white collar. Through Investment Bulls, she bridges her firm professional relationships and client loyalty to a progressive flow of corporate events. She’s always a problem solver – having a knack for innovativeness, rigorous analysis and meticulous strategies. She navigates through the complexities of team interactions like a knife through butter by leveraging her well-honed interpersonal, written, and verbal communications skills. Our entire team loves to be around her, to share with her, and to look like her in near future.

Co-Founder and COO, Investment Bulls

Our Director has been a springboard for the success of Investment Bulls. She has imparted an awful lot of knowledge to the entire team, which owes to 25 magnificent years of experience in Finance. Before joining our team at IB, he has worked with esteemed brokerage houses, depositories and software companies (including Microsoft). She is Chartered Accountant by education and a finance strategist by profession (and passion). She has played an elemental role in positioning Investment Bulls as leading Independent Financial Consultancy by bringing our services, passion, and devotion to the fore of National industry premiers. She has rooted the integrity and dignity that we work with at Investment Bulls, he is the motivation to our teamsmanship. She has championed in and bestowed his skills in financial planning to this enterprise and its consumers through his innovative, client-oriented product alignment. When you don’t find him exploring and analyzing new trends of the market, or strategizing business development for our organization, either he is geeking about cool tech, motivating investors on a global scale, or researching upon international affairs.

Co-Founder and CFO, Investment Bulls